समय की लात मे चीखती हमारी हेकड़ी

The aural atmosphere of the office space reverberates with “Ae dil hain Muskil mein virus aa gaya”, “Surgical ke baad bhi Pakistani nahi sudhrenge”, “nuclear war ho jaaye”… Amidst this, I observe ‘Ajay’ intently; the eighth one since the idea of ‘Ajay’ first surfaced into my consciousness. Also the one that managed to come out of the video-editing software to have been manifested to the world at the Crowd Source Summit (CSW), Bangalore and thus, the tag of ‘originality’/’indigenous’ we may prefer to attach like any other concepts. However, what about those seven drafts? Have they been lost forever? Would the ‘lost’ seven drafts have helped us to better understand the ‘common’ thread that binds all of us: living and non-living species? Or, has it managed to leave its imprint in the eighth one? And it is merely waiting for us to observe it intently without any thought. As Hemang, the project in-charge of the Community Information Resource Centres (CIRCs), Kapashera spells out one of the Buddhist teachings, “You throw a stone at me. I still bow my head in respect. It’s a matter of time to realize that life flows in all of us. The ‘source’ is same.” Here, I present the video:


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