Teachings From The ‘Lady Lawyer of CSJ’

If you have ever created something, you know feedback can make you think about a single sentence for days. I personally, play the whole feedback moment on loop in my head. I want to interpret each and everything that the person has told me. Someone took out time to analyze my work, it’s got to be well treated. But it’s just a feedback, what about the people who are told that they don’t deserve to live? What about someone who is fighting domestic violence? How do they stop thinking about it?

I interviewed two domestic violence victims in the last month. Both of them work with Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) and have a sense of self-pride in their demeanor. These women have gained their self-confidence by being trained as paralegals. Paralegals are people with the knowledge of basic legal aid but not fully qualified as lawyers.  Premila Varmora is a senior paralegal of Bahruch law centre. She had solved multiple women related issue in her area and is lovingly know as the ‘lady lawyer of CSJ’, by the locals. This women has found her identity by understanding her rights and ensuring that other women also gain that perspective. She fights for rape victims, counsels’ local women to fight injustice, carries out fact finding in mysterious cases; Premila is a superwoman in her own world.

You ask what motivates her in daily life and she’ll give the cheesy liner on how she doesn’t want other women to face what she’s been through. But when you hear it from her, the line seems to have so much meaning, so much depth. We millennials keep on looking for our passions in diverse fields and job roles, while this lady found her calling in the gravest of fortunes. Makes me think, is there really a thing called passion or are we just motivated by some impactful moments in life.

While I sit here looping on a negative feedback, Premila is making a difference in people’s life on a daily basis. Only if she would have stuck to what people said about her …


3 thoughts on “Teachings From The ‘Lady Lawyer of CSJ’

  1. Theres a pattern in your writing … you generally write about inspiration from someone/something else for self improvement.

    Humility – check, authenticity – check, openness to learning – check :-).

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  2. “Is there really a thing called passion or are we just motivated by some impactful moments in life” makes me think too. Its quite a complex question. Every decision in my life was influenced by such moments. But i am not quite sure if its a good thing or not. Because you are constantly looking for inspiration and when you run out of it, you start questioning your decisions.

    interesting read though 🙂

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