Life in a STUDIO

studio 2

Clustered ideologies of quitting my basic fundamentals, towards discovering my journey were quite successfully increasing. A few days back I got an opportunity to enter the main focused work of my fellowship. A ‘Studio’ in a radio station at the foothills of Aravallis in Haryana. It is housed in a community center in village Ghaghas, a place where people talk and let the community talk, make others listen to their voice through community radio and try hard to bring a change within the community. And there I was, about to keep my first step inside. The initial action of understanding the focus of this fellowship. Will I be the one who might inspire a few? Or will I be able to bring some change?  But all those questions can only be answered by taking another step with respect to the first and hence, I marched in.

People handling the studio were very respectful and welcoming but my devil’s advocate perspective was curious enough to see the sarcasm behind their lovely smiles. Maybe because I was afraid and it was hard to accept the fact of being a part of this experienced team. In thoughts I was able to see the hypothetical future of me being a culprit of something wrong. To overcome these thoughts a deep breath was unable to do the deed and hence I was all the way towards gulping down several mugs of water to the stress release process.

Later on, my mentor introduced me to all the studio members and therefore, past the introduction I achieved one of the crucial experiences of my life, which made me a little confused about my destiny. But, surely brought me a step closer to discovering it.

Some Studio Experiences:

First time LIVE: Till now I had done two live programs, first one was on the occasion of International Youth Day. In that we basically discussed various problems faced by the youth of Mewat related to education, employment, drug addiction etc. Also, we took some phone calls from the community in which they shared their views about how the youth of Mewat is attracted toward crime because of unemployment. They asked some question about the importance of educations. For example, if parents are uneducated then how they can inspire or provide good education to their children? Why today’s youth don’t want to pursue agriculture sector while it is their traditional occupation? Through the medium of radio, these were some of the most critical issues faced by the youth of the nation.

The second program was kind of fun program in which “हिन्दी दिवस” was celebrated in order to promote and propagate the Hindi language, in this program, we played a telephonic quiz with the community and asked Hindi meanings of some very common words like Cycle, Cricket, Matchbox etc. Along with that, RJs (Radio Jockeys) were also mandated to speak in Hindi only and in case of rule violation, we had penalized by asking to sing a song or poem. We got a huge response from community side and I enjoyed a lot. It was a very different experience from the previous one.


  • Post Production: This is one of the most important and sensitive parts of the whole process of broadcasting prerecorded programs. As in this process, we have to be very conscious about the prerecorded content, language and additional content like background music. It must not hurt the sentiments of the society. Also keeping in mind about the rules and regulations from the government regarding the content, it is expected to produce at least 50 percent of programs locally and as much as possible in the local language or dialect. News programs are banned on community radio in India, however advertisements for more than five minutes per hour is allowed and some time-related rules are to be followed.


  • Research: Though most of the primary research is done within the community but here we mainly focus on secondary research. Just before taking up any new program first I tried to understand the culture of content development, how earlier programs were made with the community, the format of the programs etc. and try to understand their working style.

As per know, I have started working on a new radio program which is focused on Cultural Heritage of Mewat. Mewat has a very interesting and a unique history. Much irreparable damage has been done in recent years, from simple ignorance to the value of ancient remains. Community wants its history and heritage to get a rightful place and that it must be recognized. So, this program will be an attempt towards that.


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