Should I Or Shouldn’t I?


I never thought that I will ever find somebody in Mumbai who could be there with me all the time. Luckily, I have actually found more than one. I met them the first time in my new room. Initially I didn’t like them and felt uncomfortable in their presence. I always felt that they are like the intruders in my room and tried different tactics to get rid of them but all my efforts were in vain. When I realized I can’t do anything about it, I gave up.

Their face is the first thing that I see in the morning. The moment I enter the bathroom, I see them crawling cautiously on the walls (because they are still scared of me and I am working on the trust building part). After a long day’s work, when I enter my room, I see them. They start running here and there with the joy of seeing me come back home. When there is nobody around, I never feel alone. The moment I open my cupboard, they are the ones safeguarding my stuff. They have helped me to improve my habits of cleanliness. I have now developed a habit of washing everything before use. I have really been able to grow as am individual.

But I have started having mixed feelings nowadays. It is said that humans are the most selfish species on the planet. Probably, the human side of me is trying to overpower my feelings towards them. I am intending to hurt them, rather kill them. Sweeping their bodies off is going to be a painful sight. I feel tempted to use the cockroach hit that I had bought in the initial days. I feel like having some privacy now and I think it’s time to be on my own. But I am still in a dilemma whether I should kill them or not?


7 thoughts on “Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

  1. rofl…though I did see the pic initially, I didn’t pay much attention to it…I thought of focusing on the content first…while reading I thought it were the lizards…then I just couldn’t help laughing when I read the word “hit”…I think just take a decision and don’t look back because no matter what people are going to judge you …lol


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