Volunteering: Deeds Without Desire

Still I remember on 14th July 2015 I had a train to Udaipur from Ujjain and not sure to take it. Due to unawareness about the worth of fellowship program, I was not eager to join it.

This was the first chance when I came out of town and away from family for long period of time. So with lots of expectations came to Udaipur, to meet new people; all different from each other. In initial days, I felt insecure due to my past environment where I have not seen this much of openness in working and learning culture. I tried to adjust, not because I was open to learn but adjustment was only the policy on which I was working previously. In induction I made some friends as per comfort zone. Every sun in induction rose with surprise for me in teaching, learning, presenting, behaving, performing, bonding, friendship …

I was quite surprised too while going through i. There was a time when I confused, should I cry & be sad that how foolish my decision to join was, not aware about this kind of programs happening in rest of the world or be happy & laugh that now I was a part of a rest of this cool world. Initially I just enjoyed it because both of us (fellowship and I) was stranger for each other. As time started passing we enjoyed each other’s company and slowly became one. iI is not a post or designation which represents your work, but it has become an identity now which shows how I behave in society, family, and organization. It is not all about me, it is about a group of people who unknowingly taken responsibility on their shoulder to make change, perform better, enjoy problem, confront peoples and dare to do different.

More or less a fellow always will be fellow. Essence of being different will always be there, and i will like to motivate all the future fellows to give their best in this first year of a rest of a life called FELLOW.

One year before this term was stranger for me. But now it is a part of my daily routine work. As we grown up we learn new things we adopt some of them, and forget most. It is a matter of likeliness and capacity.  How unknowingly we adopt those habits and learning in our daily life which were completely out of the context previously. Normally After completion of basic education we all look forward to settle down in life and start searching for betterment saying happiness.

Let’s be honest here, most of us work for money, through which we can buy means of happiness in this world which are not available freely to access. If someone would have asked this question 1 year ago, than definitely I would said yes. In corporate if you work for one hour more than basic working hours then we ask for incentive or expect extra pay. We work for our growth and promotion, some time we even do not hesitate to misguide others for our growth. But social scenario is so far different from it.

Now a day’s my attitude towards work is friendly and supportive not only for staff in organization but also for community or should I say target customer for whom I work. Although I know I will not get extra benefit in any manner but still I push myself to be more empathetic. I like to work with different organization voluntarily without expecting any direct benefit another than to get connected with them basically to grow my network and show my net worth and values.

Volunteering as far as I understand is a task that you want to perform, whether it benefits to you or not. But still you do it because you enjoy it, and want to invest your time where you can add value to your surroundings. There are paid volunteers also, but I will say they are very well articulated to represent an employee and get stipend not a salary. This is just how we confuse our mind and get satisfied by saying oh… I am not in job… because if you will say it job, perspective about it is very different and you start comparing with others and always find that you are getting less.

So start volunteering…


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