My Catnap Just Got Buried!

“Lala uth jaa, class ka time ho gaya – My roommates”

 These are the most missed words in my life now!

It has been just three months since I have stepped out of law school. My linguistic affair with “legalese” is still intact. My daily routine was waking up fifteen minutes before the lecture starts and after a seven-minute power shower and hogging on dry cereals, a little inside my mouth and rest in both the hands, I walk into the lecture hall sharp at 0906 hours in the morning. They never ask for any excuse when you are late by six minutes, five and ten minutes being the eye brow raising moment for a professor. Yes, we all need to understand the fine line. There is a thin line and this is my five years of research work. If the professor raises an eyebrow the answer should be crisp, “Sir, just six minutes.” Trust me it works! Then all the amazing breaks in between, the ten-minute power nap and fifty minutes recess after lunch, I was definitely inside a bubble till then.



So from a snug life of amazing college days, to my selection into a fellowship, I was directly ported to Udaipur for the induction training. So excited I was that the excitement indicator burst open after being filled to its brim. A city with a royal touch, amazing weather and a vibrant crowd, I knew this was going to be fun. I was trying to absorb almost everything. Slowly it all started hitting really hard. Waking up at a precise time to check the water taps and insulating them to avoid getting electrocuted. Challenging, but it wasn’t anything much to crib about because in a place like Rajasthan we were blessed enough to get regular supply of water. What crumbled my whole life apart was the fact that there won’t be any catnap for me in the afternoon from now on. My heart was like Ross in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. when someone ate his turkey sandwich. Yes, just replace it with “MY AFTERNOON NAP”. It was gone now. Buried!


I joined my new organisation in a city. A place which made me realize that this was the missing jigsaw puzzle of my life.My first day in the organisation, well, I designed penalties for poor performance of a certain set of people driven by one of the largest FMCG company. HUGE MISTAKE! Subtly, I was asked to throw away the little lawyer in me and a warm welcome was awaited in the development sector. A sector where we do not penalize, we reform and make things better. I am still absorbing and learning to see the world through a different lens. My afternoon forty winks is a distant dream now. Every morning eating my cereals with milk this time and after pinning a dupatta or wearing a crisp ironed shirt I step out of my house. My Beatles tee and Pink Floyd hoodie it’s all gone now, that life has ended. But my heart, well, I am still waiting to say “Sir, I am just late by six minutes” to my boss this time!


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