Akele Hai Toh Kya Gum Hai?!


Why, is the idea of being “independent” romanticized?

The only solution to all adolescence problems, right from identity crisis to career, all seem to have the same (sane?) solution

“Yaar, bass ek baar move out kar lu, sab sahi ho jaayega!”

Really now?

Being alone, cooking for yourself, actually learning to take care of yourself, does teach one a lot

It’s almost sudden enlightenment.

Relationships. Family. Friends. Work. All gets a whole new meaning.

Of course independence spells sexy,

But nobody becomes less attractive by being “needy”, as they call it

Cooperation is the only thing that differentiates us as a species

Some of us never learn, I guess

Such is the nature of evolution.

If you haven’t learnt, how to ask for help when needed,

Believe me, you’ve learnt nothing.

Save yourself. There’s still time. The flame of hope is still flickering…

Redefine your definition of independence

For independence isn’t about running a one-man show,

It’s more about being brave and smart…you know the thin line which tells you whether you are courageous or plain stupid

Independence is knowing you need or even want something…

And going out there with your head held high and asking for it.

“Independence” won’t let you make babies

Even if you somehow do, you’ll make them just like you,

Is that what you want?!


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