The Unplanned Trip

Sometimes, unplanned trips turn out to be the most memorable ones. On the weekend, me and two other co-fellows, Bhoomika and Lekshmy, had ventured out on one such trip to Jodhpur.

I rushed to the local bus-stop at Bikaner to catch a bus after completing my work at double productivity and booked a home-stay at a village called “Salawas”, 25 km from Jodhpur. Our host graciously accepted to pick us up from the NH 62 highway as we were going to reach late in the night. The girls reached the place at 2 AM in the night and all three of us headed to the host’s place. After a never ending gossip, we decided to sleep at 5 and not miss out the morning fun.We got up to this wonderful view of the place.


The home-stay was constructed when our host observed that there was a market for it and he took a loan of 6 lakhs to for constructing and marketing. Hats off to his entrepreneur spirit for taking such a huge risk and making it a success.


The Prajapat family has been in the weaving business for 3 generations now. That’s a local cotton carpet which usually takes 20 days to complete.

After having the tasty home-made paranthas with lehsun ka achaar, we headed out on a village safari. The first place we went to, was a house of a local farmer who had 17 bigas of cultivated land.


The kids were offering us raw moong and we ended up collecting enough to munch through our entire trip.


This was a total surprise! This equipment is used to consume afeem in the villages, the woolen cones are used to filter out the afeem-water mixture. The first sip is apparently offered to lord Shiva (Shiv-ling in the center). Some affluent villagers take it to enhance their productivity on the farms.


Trying the local pagdi !

After this “educational” visit, we headed out to a local pottery house




The raw and rusty Mahindra Thar. Best suited for local safaris.


A beautiful piece of art by the potter.


And…our pathetic worthless creations

After buying few goodies, we visited the local house, where block printing is done.


The blocks are covered with mud  water, so that the red colour is not affected when the entire cloth is dyed organically. The red colour is obtained by mixing turmeric with lemon water (citric acid).


One of his works. The surprising thing about the man was , he was not willing to go out and sell pro-actively inspite of all the hard work put in. He was content with whatever income he was able to earn through customers buying at his house.

We headed out on spotting a black-buck. After a long and tiring search, we could finally spot one. We tried a great deal to get a snap of this rare beauty. Also, a famous celebrity had apparently hunted a black buck in this village and the villagers staged a protest after the incident.


The skin of this species turns black as it ages.


Our host, ChotaRam, was more enthusiastic than us to spot the black buck.

We headed out to a local woman’s house to see the authentic thatched huts after spotting the blackbuck.


The houses are built closer to the ground. This  keeps the place warm during the winters and cool in the summers.


Bhoomika engaging with the elderly woman in marvadi dialect. Lekhsmy has no clue what the hell is going on.

We went home for lunch and had the local Rajasthan cuisine which had bajri ki roti, kadi and kair sangri. I learnt the true Rajasthani style of eating where you crush the roti and mix it with kadi. The food tastes great when you chuck the elite way of eating. After the lunch, we went to our rooms to pack our bags and check out and then we spotted this. It was just the icing on the cake.


Well, never complain.That’s the most authentic rural experience we could get. A snake on our roof.

We headed back to Jodhpur to catch our return buses. We left the place with beautiful memories, witnessed the best hospitality, and yes snakes of course.


Parting selfie with kid. Look at the swag !!!


6 thoughts on “The Unplanned Trip

  1. I am surprised that you were surprised at the afeem machine; cool pagdi look, and awesome swag the kid has. All in all, looks you 3 had fun :-). Great. BTW good clicks too.


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