Life Is Free

Life is like a fire, it glows, fluctuates, sometimes spreads light in darkness, and sometimes struggles for its own existence. I always thought people are bad and the only way to make you safe in this unethical, highly dynamic life is money. I always thought the ultimate solution of most of the unexpected events is money. Our life has actually made us dependent on technology and money for even the smallest task. I was shocked when my facilitator, Anupama asked us to submit all money and mobile phone and spend a whole day in field with just 50 bucks in our pocket. We had to check our perception (the single story) by actually vising a village and performing a few tasks mainly related to community participation.

I boarded the bus and went Badi village, after meeting a few migrants, I finally met a local villager sitting under the tree shade. My perception was villagers always seek help from other people to solve their problem instead of trying to get a solution themselves. The local villager, Kanhaiyalal ji, was very friendly man. In spite of being nervous, I was able to engage him in conversation very easily. To my surprise, he told me that they don’t even need Panchayat to solve their problems, all the villagers sit together to discuss and find the solution of their problems. My perception was really broken down. As I fulfilled my purpose of visiting the village, I wanted to move and explore the rest of village. But Kanhaiyalal ji stopped me and ordered the tea. I was unable to refuse, although was in two minds because I had limited money. When he observed there are two more co fellow of mine passing by, he asked “ye bhi aapke sath hain kya?” He ordered tea for them also and when we tried to pay, he said “mehman se paise kaise le lein.” My heart was full of emotions but we had to move on, after greeting him and saying thanks to kanhaiyalal ji, we moved on. Our plan was to walk till shilpgram and see the conserved heritage of India by Rajasthan. After reaching there, we realized there is an entry ticket of 40 rupees. But the nature has its own way of showing a helping hand. We met a person named phatehlal ji, he helped us to get entry for free, and he said “we just want you to see the heritage of your own country, money is not a big deal.” I was amazed to see, how everyone is so kind and helpful.

Till this time, we were really hungry and left with almost no money. One of our co fellow, approached canteen owner and explained him our story, I was sure he is going to insult us, but what he said was fascinating. “ Sir, just sit down and have your meal, I will not let you guys go hungry from here and don’t hesitate to ask more.” My eyes were numb at that moment, I realised that I know nothing about my people and my country.

After this experience I can proudly say, In Incredible India, Life Is Free.


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