A Belief Got Strengthened – Meter Down

There’s no right time for anything. The day you decide, that’s the right time.

Time, time and time- The clock’s ticking all the time. Life’s so short and there are so many things to do, one has got to hustle. Well that made me wonder, are we actually living our lives? Or do we dream it? Or do we do both?

Walt Disney has said “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

So what are dreams? For me, they are a hope to live, something to look forward to in life. There are a lucky few who realize it very early while there are some who do so later in their lives. So is there a right time to dream?

I remember reading that once you see a pattern it is very difficult to unseen it. So did I until a certain incident in my life shook me to the core that I felt I would die soon. The net result- A checklist of things I want to do before turning 30. Never did I realize that these were actually my dreams penned down on paper. It’s said that hope is but the dream of those who wake. And when I woke to achieve them, I could sense a new found energy in my bones and my brain and the heart aligned themselves to set me upon a journey. This journey wasn’t a bed of roses all the time but the list getting ticked off gave me immense confidence.

When I finally shared my story and heard others in the process, the one thing I found common to all of us the triumphant feeling left us all humble considering the sweat and determination that went into it.

Then, 3 things became clear for me –

“Living a dream is a journey and not a destination.

You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.

And we all live twice in our lives – once in our dreams and once in reality”.



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