Are You ‘The Eaglet’ Too?


I am sure you would have heard the story of that orphaned eaglet who was raised by a family of chickens.The eaglet started adopting the mannerisms of the chickens, hardly aware of his true nature. One fine morning, as the eaglet and the other birds were resting, the eaglet saw something in the sky. The eaglet came running frantically & exclaimed ’Hey! I saw a mighty creature in the sky. It had such gigantic wings, it was flying with grace and was so majestic! I want to fly like that!‘

The other birds replied, ‘Don’t be silly, dude! That glorious creature is an eagle. He is known as the ‘King of the Birds’ while you are merely a chicken. You can just fly like that in your dreams’. Saying this, the other birds started laughing & made fun of the eaglet. Accepting the taunts and woefully ignorant of nature, the eaglet went back to acting like a chicken.

So, if you had asked me of the moral of the story a few months ago, I would have been clueless about it! I would have said something obviously, but you can be rest assured it would be a hollow anecdote of what summed up my life till that point. Was I like that eaglet who lived under the veil of the mundane of accepting what I perceived to be my own base nature without a true introspection into the deeper essence of my own personality or was I like that glorious eagle who flew in the sky, secure in the awareness of who he truly was and what he was capable of?

The honest answer is …. ‘I was the eaglet’. Or at least I was till the India Fellows program opened up avenues that required tapping into the strengths that are unique to me.



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