Listen, Learn And Reflect


                                                                                                    Source-(Huffington post)

When the fellows shared their life experiences on one evening during our induction, it was one of the rare times in my life when, I had experienced a wide range of emotions .They say, the world opens up as you meet and learn from the new people in your life. I could connect with these different life experiences my co fellows shared, because I had had similar experiences in the past. At the same time, many of the stories came as a surprise to me.

In my life, hard work and determination have always paid off and my belief was reinforced, when one of my co-fellows shared his story of how he had come from a small town and the challenges he faced while, shifting to an English Medium CBSE school from a regional language school. I was inspired by the fact that he went on to participate in various cultural competitions across the country and was able to speak so confidently in front of all of us. It made me ponder over the things in my life, I have always taken for granted and have never given much thought.

My belief in perseverance got reinforced when,  I heard the story of my roommate during our induction. I could never see the Dwayne Johnson inside him, until he shared his episode in his life where, he came out strong after being affected by a rare neurological problem and still pursued his passion for travelling. It’s a different story when Dwayne Johnson has bad days and is defeated by Vin-diesel, and it’s out of scope to talk about it now.

The hip thing these days is to have a “mah life, mah rules” approach to life. Although, as uncool as it sounds, I too, would love to live my life with that attitude,  but the practicalities of our lives hit us and most often, we do not have the leeway to pursue the things we really want to do.  Only after a great deal of weighing the pros and cons, I could convince myself that the fellowship was the right step at this point of time in my life.

When I heard the story of another co-fellow, of how we went on a solo travelling journey to South India for an year and his amazing experiences , I was imagining in my head, how complex that decision could have been for me.  I was questioning my habit of over-analyzing any situation in my life. I would have given a thousand excuses to not venture out on such a journey as all the anticipated fears would have appeared scarier than they actually would be.  His perspective changed something about my thought process and I hope that I’d really take some action without a world war going on inside my head, when I watch “Into the wild” next time, for inspiration .

Over the course of previous year, I was mostly depressed because of my job and I wanted to quit it too soon. The doubts and questions about my career, future and lack of time to pursue my interests added to the depression. I would often ruin my weekends instead of rejuvenating myself. The constant negativity took a toll on me and it was mostly because I was very anxious about my future.  Another experience of a co-fellow and her infectious energy had taught me the importance of living the moment instead of dwelling on our past or worrying too much about the future and that we must live through the good times and bad times with equal exuberance and zeal.

The tea break came at the right time to reflect on my own self after an emotion filled session of listening and learning and I have learnt to look at life through a different lens after hearing the various life experiences of my cohort.


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