Good Governance

The word good governance is a broad term which encompasses all the collective activities of the government for its citizens. Currently in India, the term is being promoted as the best tool of social welfare. The emergence of the terminology ‘good governance’ is quite interesting. After the failure of the World Bank’s developmental programs in African countries, World Media paid high attention to these issues and concern of these institutions. Even policy makers criticized the one way approach of the World Bank. Later on this failure was named ‘bad governance’. Though, the criticism projected negative image of World Bank, the institution came up with new participatory approach for implementation of developmental activities which was citizen-centric, people friendly and relied on feedback. As they received successful response from the media, the institution called it good governance’.

The bigger part of the whole concept lies in the participatory methods of program implementation. It is the responsibility of the citizens through active participation and decision making.  It is not only about decision making but the inclusion of citizens in the process of decision making especially at the local level. Good governance involves decentralized planning in order to reach every last person. Certain components for governance i.e. accountability, transparency and decentralization help lay the entire mechanism towards good governance. The flexibility of administration and dialog between the government and its citizens ensure and the strengthened feedback system.

Although, in many third world countries, the government is solely responsible for governance, governance is actually the joint responsibility of the government and its citizens. The government is not merely an institution, but also the process to monitor public welfare works for the good of the common. The participatory approach mechanism opens doors for citizens to join in the governance process. Feedback system is one of the most effective tools to ensure the participation of people for suggestions and even for decision making. After the intervention of Information and Communication technology in governance, this process of feedback has become instantaneous. Feedback to the government in India has drastically improved, especially in local institutions e.g. Chennai Corporation. It enhances citizen participation with respect to suggestions and responses for services. Currently Chennai Corporation has asked people to put forward their suggestion on the creation of a flyover in a particular territory. Here the active participation of citizen indicates a sign of good governance. Currently through websites and other mediums like My.Gov, the government is continuously asking suggestions from the informed citizens. It is starting to make the idea of democracy more relevant in our society.


One thought on “Good Governance

  1. It is really nice to see how you started with World bank and the root of the term good governance and brought it to a very near to home current example of the Chennai flyover. Well written and explained very simply … great work! Keep writing.


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