First Glimpse Into Child Survival India








My first day at Child Survival India office (CSI) in New Delhi started around 20 minutes early. With utmost excitement, I reached there even before the office opened. But when I met my mentor, Deepa Bajaj, all my anxious nerves were put to rest. She elaborated on all the major thematic focus areas of the organization- Maternal & Child Health, Women Empowerment, HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care and Child & Youth Development thoroughly.

Her communication is so crystal clear that I immediately started getting ideas about where I can contribute and this, with the liberty to work in any area, has made my day. I feel like the depth of my engagement and the independence of my thoughts will fly high under her guidance.

So far, the detailed information about the place I will be spending the next twelve months in has given me a macro perspective, before I begin visiting the field areas. Now, things like CSI brochures, online advertisements, invitations, presentations, different stakeholders’ contributing to CSI, has started pouring in my PC’s new folder named “CSI Sonali India Fellow”.

But time will tell whether I will be able set up the communication cell in CSI or not. I feel optimistic about the steps I will take in realizing this project effectively. The spacious office chamber and helpful colleagues are making it easier for me so far.

The “On your own” attitude is making me calmer about the fact that I still need to find a permanent roof for these thirteen months in South Delhi. Hopes are high and I am sure there might be few hindrances but life seems good with this first promising glimpse!


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