A Tad Bit Late

This blog post is coming a bit late in my fellowship journey, but at least it is coming. A few months ago on being asked if I’ll be happy to leave my field location after the fellowship, the answer would’ve been a clear yes. But now, I don’t have a clear answer. I have grown attached to few friends here, there are people who care about me here, and this is the only place I know so well apart from my city.

I recall a fellow had called me up about two months ago – she was sad that after two months she’d be leaving these people she had grown so attached to, and who loved her so much. My reply was, “you should feel lucky to have found so much love from the field staff. Not everyone is so lucky.” But today, when I got a call from a friend (in the organization) who is currently in another district attending a training, I realized that I have also formed similar bonds here at my field location. From somebody who was looked as a ‘mole’ sent from the head office to someone who now gets calls to make a plan for the weekend, I feel fortunate. Fortunate to have found such people, and fortunate that I’ll actually be missed here once I leave.

From Sharma aunty’s lip-smacking lunch-dabba and occasional calls asking about how I am, to scooty rides with Surbhi (and learning how not to be petrified and scream while riding), to learning dance steps from Anu, these past few months of the fellowship have been fulfilling on a personal level. Although a little late, but luckily, this blog post (and these bonds) are coming through.


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