Leadership Under Fellowship 3

Some of my team members have already visited most of the places and didn’t want to go again since what were the community’s expectations from organization, not able to fulfill it. Although reasons were unknown for me. Then also I tried to inspire them and made them ready to come with us. Since I was new for these areas while my team members were more aware about community, livings, education and language so they also generated ideas that how can we promote and motivate people to be entrepreneur and by giving importance to them, I ensured foster creativity among us.

Not every problem demands the same solution. By being flexible to new ideas and open-minded enough to consider them, I increased the likelihood which found the best possible answer. I sat examples for team and rewarded good ideas. We meet with lots of peoples among which are skilled, semiskilled, unskilled, financially capable but not willing, willing but not having finance to start, all of them were having one or more qualities mention above. Some time they also restricted their selves by giving such reasons or excuses to initiate. Here as leader my role became important to motivate individuals to take risk initially and also to team members so that they can continue flow positive energy and attitude in community and organization. It was my responsibility to get thing done on time and same for the team to have time management which is the most valuable asset. I planned activities and scheduled work effectively by knowing when and where to spend it. Contrary to popular belief, age is not a measure of maturity.

I’ve worked with young leaders who act like men and old men who act like teenagers. Maturity comes from being courteous, knowing how to communicate like an adult and being the bigger person in difficult situations. Also, my confidence in myself and ability to follow through without excuses were strong indicators of maturity. While working with experience person I faced difficulty to deal with people go out of their way to avoid confrontation for fear of an argument, oppose to this I have Ability to confront others know how to approach them in a nice, honest way to address concerns. Stopping a problem earlier on will save a huge amount of time (not to mention headaches) versus leaving it unresolved, Instead to stretching the internal issues in team I sort them out by instant action. Even I learnt lots of things from community peoples and colleagues such as lack of resources can’t be a big hurdle as compare to less of will. As being a leader we should always try to motivate the people to get more and more but at the same time they should not underestimate there selves and resources they are having. As being a leader we should try to create a new leader in our team through delegation of authority of taking decisions in area of expertise. Delegating to others shows that you have confidence in their abilities, which subsequently results in higher morale in the workplace, as well as loyalty from team members. Through working with young enthusiastic peoples in community I got that to get successes in life it is essential to take risk, but you need to identify how much risk you can take instead of blank it should be calculated. They had nothing to lose but lots to win. As stranger to development sector I was using my last year’s corporate strategies to work here too. But then gradually I realized these are not suitable. And I was losing my interest to go ahead then community people’s satisfaction and their believes on me driven to continue my work. India fellowship program also played an important role for development of leadership qualities and learning habit in me such as creating a legitimate rapport with your colleague makes it less likely that personal issues and resentment can creep in and derail the group. When your team knows that you are empathetic to their concerns, they will be more likely to work with you and share in your vision, rather than foster negative feelings. As a human being for someone else problem we usually say “If I would be at his or her place I could easily solve it”. Same happened with me during training programs when for few days I went outside to organization, I learnt that to overcome with problem in profession and personal life it is necessary to come out from situation and look at it, as a outsider, than you will find that It is quite easy to solve. It basically changes your perceive eyes to look at the problems differently and how you can use them as opportunity.


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