Leadership Under Fellowship 2

Leadership is a continuous processing quality and can’t define in one constant. So here I am answering it, as my journey. In my academics and professional life I got several opportunities to lead. During working in social organization Vigyan Ashram (A center of Indian Institute of Education Pune) which also work as barefoot college and provide support to youth by providing skills in hand and income generation resources, I got opportunity to lead project called Entrepreneurship Acceleration in Maharashtra under NSTEDB. Although organization is working under this project from last two years but still there were lots of challenges, were facing toward its sustainability and to structure the system for the project. Initially I took time to understand ideology and working behavior of organization as well as community for and with whom I worked directly during project. First I meet with those persons who previously worked under this project, to get a glance what were the problems they faced and what strategies they used, whether they succeeded or not, if not then what were the weak points on which I need to work and convert them into strength, and not to repeat those mistakes which they did. From the selection of people for the project, identification of right candidate to serve, till budgeting of training, I was only who suppose to do it.

Being a leader I was looking at this vacuum as opportunity to build a complete new model for the project. But there is always two sides of coin, when there were undefined authorities due to which I solely could take decisions, same time unlimited responsibilities were also on my shoulders to make me answerable. So here decision making skills played an important role for me. Since I could directly approach to organization head to community peoples so it became easy for me to had opinion of every one before taking decisions.

I kept very small things under considerations such as giving importance to each stakeholder, appreciation of individuals and team on successful achieving goals, since all these add competency for work. Me and my team went to several parts of Maharashtra such as Nagpur, Ratnagiri, Amrawati, Beed, Aurangabad and many more, to sense community’s life and culture and to identify a need, at this time we were the face of organization, so when we went there, they also had some expectations from our side, in this condition it is very essential to communicate our mission and vision properly. So that we can form bridge to fill a gap between community and organization.


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