‘Working’ It Out! Part 1

Looking back how this fellowship has shaped out to be (or how I have shaped t!); it is indeed amazing to see what all I did in terms of work and beyond. Though, today I want to specifically talk about my work experiences in both the organizations.

My work in Junoon was pretty unstructured. The project, for which I had initially been called for, was still at a nascent stage. I was not deemed perfect for it at that point. As a month rolled by, another program called the ‘Arts at Play’ came along. It was a good opportunity to learn and thankfully I was given the opportunity to work in it.

Let me give a short brief of what all entails in the ‘Arts at Play’ workshops. It is a seven day program, where in various types of artist are pooled in by Junoon to create a great learning and joyful experience for the school children. I handled three of these workshops on ground i.e DPS Ludhiana, Shiv Nadar (Noida) and Nahar International (Mumbai). The work included pre-workshop co-ordination with the schools, with Artists and within the organisation (Junoon) itself. Then it included the on-ground co-ordination and management of details and putting the element together to run the show smoothly and lastly it included paper work and filing documents.

The best part about these programs was to be able to meet a variety of people. Talking to artists, knowing their stories was a great experience. Apart from the glamorous part, it was sheer hard work. I was amazed at the way the schools handle and manage so many children on an everyday basis.

The workshops, taught me to prepare myself in advance. I am more of a laid back person by nature, but these workshops taught me to start thinking on my feet. Working in Junoon, gave me a sense of how people react to a brand. How people change the way they look at you…

Sorry for that deviation! Apart from the workshops, there was Mumbai Local, where I did get a chance to attend celebrity guest lectures. My work was to edit the videos post the shoot and put it on Youtube. I learnt the details of this work by making gazillion mistakes. Kudos to Riddi for bearing with me!

Junoon was indeed a deep learning and unlearning experience. Through the work and its demands I came to know what all I was capable of. I understood my strengths of communication, learnt professional letter writing skills, co-ordinating skills and incorporated ability to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone.


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