Rural Immersion Of 9 Foreign Students In Bihar

After a 2 week immersion program in a Mathura village, 9 students arrived in Delhi on 30th January. After spending 3 night in Delhi, the group departed for a remote village Saurath in Madhubani district of Bihar. The students were from UTS, Sydney and had come to India for a 3 weeks rural immersion program. 6 girls and 3 boys seemed excited to learn new culture, people and skills. Following photographs from the immersion location will help you to understand the program better.


Roaming in village fields


Interacting with a village family


Eating with a village family


Interacting with school children

b5Playing Frisbee with village children


Buying famous Madhbani paintings

b7Interacting with farmers in agricultural fields

b8Design thinking workshop on terrace


Going to attend Saraswati puja in village


Meeting with prominent villagers


Interacting with a doctor in Government hospital


Self- reflection time


Farewell from the village

This 3 week immersion really helped everyone in understanding the most important issues of rural India like quality education, agricultural productivity, women empowerment, health and infrastructure. Along with working on serious issues, the program brought the participants and field team close and some of the lifelong friendships emerged in the end.


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