So What Makes You Happy?


The below is based on a series of conversations with fellows and also community members in the villages of South Rajasthan. These conversations highlight what has made each person happy in the past.

Villager #1: When I transitioned to a skilled mason from being just a labourer

Villager #2: When children were finally born to me after a long long time

Villager #3: When there was adequate money in the house

Villager #4: When I could finally complete constructing my house

Villager #5: When I first took my daughter to my farm

Fellow #1 : When I see my father happy

Fellow #2 : When I was able to bond and interact deeply with people from another country

Fellow #3 : When I had planned something for the day and executed it to perfection

Fellow #4 : When I made Daal-Bhati for the first time on my own

Fellow #5 : The day I realized that I have freedom to do what I want

Fellow #6:  When I was able to complete a full-fledged story with structure

Fellow #7: When I joined the fellowship and discovered so many new people places and things!

Fellow #8: While celebrating Holi, I was completely immersed  leaving work and everything else behind

Fellow #9: When I made someone else happy  by reducing their monotonous work load

Fellow #10: When I got my first job! When someone showed faith in me!

Fellow #11: When a foreigner, who I spoke to for 15 minutes, donated a huge amount to our fund-raising efforts

Fellow #12: When my dream transformed into reality!

Fellow #13: Being with people who I love

Fellow #14: While travelling when I  empowered someone to dream big and dream of being a film-maker one day

Fellow #15 : Seeing the smile on my Father’s face when I was given an award

Fellow #16: When I empowered a woman with the right knowledge

Reason for Happiness Number of people
Derived happiness from someone else 09
Sense of Accomplishment 07
Material wealth 02
Freedom to choose 01
Being in the moment 01



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