Unforgettable Trip


I used to come to my house a lot in the beginning of my fellowship I would go home often to wash my clothes and sometimes I would drop by and meet my coordinator in Delhi. She would scold me on my frequent visits. One day I came home and made an impromptu plan with other co-fellows to go out somewhere and chill with them.

We were headed to CP in Delhi but we changed our plan and went to the India Fellow office in East of Kailash to visit our coordinator and one of our alumni. After a long conversation, she said I want to see the sunrise from the Taj Mahal. We picked up one of her friends (she is her roomie) and her belongings from her place and headed towards Yamuna expressway. Both the roomies were very different in nature, one likes rash driving but the other doesn’t, one believes in flattering but another one scolds at times. Both of them are childhood friends.

We spent quite a lot of time in planning all night. Everyone was hungry, we were gossiping and suddenly we heard a creepy and weird sound coming from the rear end of the car. Everyone started telling me to stop the car to check but I wouldn’t because a day before I had read about robbery tricks on Yamuna expressway in the newspaper and this trick was one of them. I reduced the speed from 80 kmph to 40 kmph and stopped the car at a dhaba which was 2 kms down the road. The tire had one long cut which was not normal to happen on a road like the expressway. I was feeling scared and confident. We had dinner and changed the tire and headed towards Taj Mahal.

We reached Taj Mahal before sunrise, bought tickets and saw the sunrise. Since then I have started believing in the fact that watching the sunrise from Taj Mahal can make your day mirthful.


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