IF = An Arranged Marriage?

Young girl : Ready to get married
Young Fellow: Ready to work for a  project in social sector

Boy’s family: Looking for a girl to their boy
NGO: Looking for a fellow for their project

Girl’s parents: Selects the boy for the girl
IF team: Selects the project for the fellow

Match fixing: Girl’s parents scrutinises all the proposals and matches the girl with the right boy
Project matching: IF team scrutinises all the projects from different NGOs and matches fellow’s profile with the projects 

Marriage: The girl gets married and goes to mother-in-law’s house
Project assignment: Fellow gets assigned to the project and goes to the NGO

In the initial days, the girl (fellow) faces many challenges in understanding the in-laws (NGOs) culture

Mother-in-law: Girls happiness depends on the way mother-in-law treats her
Project Manager: Fellows happiness depends on the way manager treats him/her

As days passes, the girl (fellow) understands her husband (project) and in-laws (NGO) culture. She (fellow) slowly  becomes one among the in-laws family (NGO). In Family gathering/functions (training) :-

  • All the sisters (co-fellows) celebrates the occasion, shares their happiness or sadness among themselves and with their parents (IF team)
  • Newly married girls (fellows) likes to hear  the experiences of their elder sisters (passed out fellows) and tries to learn from them
  • With their immense knowledge, wisdom and experience, the girls parents (IF Team) trains all their daughters (fellows) to do better work, to cope with the challenges and to lead a  happy life  with  the husband(project) in the in-laws family (NGO)

While a married girl writes letters to all her sisters and parents, a fellow writes blogs like this one…

Disclaimer: The above article is just based on a crazy thought that struck to the writer’s mind a long back ago and it is not intended to criticise or to make fun.


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