Dream Still Dream


I had started my preparation for Mukteshwar marathon by early January. Mukteshwar marathon is one of the toughest marathon in India and I had decided to run half marathon which is 21kms. I had started preparation after my mid-point training. In the beginning I hardly jogged for 1-2 km along the Fatehsagar lake but day by day I improved and upto March I usually ran around 6 kms and by end of April I achieved my target of 10 kms (round of entire Fatehsagar lake). However the marathon is in hilly area so sometimes I also practiced in hilly areas in Udaipur.

I made a plan, I’ll take one of my friend’s bullet from Delhi and will go from Delhi to Mukteshwar by bullet on 14th May so I’ll reach there on the same day, I’ll rest there and will participate in marathon on 15th May. I have shared my plan with my friend and I asked him to come with me but he refused and agreed to give his bullet to me. I was very excited for both the road trip and the marathon.

Eventually I started from Udaipur on 13th may and reached Delhi on the next morning. I had planned to start from Delhi at 13:00 so I called my friend at 10:00 and asked for a bike, he said he has come to another city for some work. Eventually he ditched me. I became very nervous as my plan A failed and I didn’t have plan B, I checked but buses were not available in a day, I booked tatkal ticket in train which was in waiting list.

I started from my house for bus stand to check if there is any bus because there was a very low possibility to clear my waiting list in train. I reached at bus stand at around 13:00. Five minutes before one bus had gone for Mukteshwar, I was feeling helpless and hopeless, standing on the side of the road, my t-shirt was wet with sweat and I started thinking again. Now I again booked my ticket in bus through paytm which was showing to reach there at 5:30 on 15th May. I took a bus from Delhi and it started at 10:30 14th May, bus also got late and it will dropp me at 6:30 at Kathgodam which is 40 kms. far from Mukteshwar. I hired personal taxi for Mukteshwar, he drove not more than 30 kmph speed and reached there at 8:00, marathon already started at 7:30. I was broken, my eyes were full of tears and started thinking of the time duration between January to April, how I woke up at 6:00 in winters for practice, and how I had practiced in summers. I had a dream and yes it still remains a dream.


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