What I Did For The Last 10 Months

As I mentioned in the earlier blog that I work with an organization who have mission and vision to improve the life’s of youth with disability from marginalized communities and especially from rural regions by providing basic training in English, computer, retail and soft skills for 2 months and later provide them entry level jobs.

They work in small teams in different centers and team consists of a trainer, sign language interpreter, center-in-charge, a project/Asst. Project manager and project executive at state level. So I was given role of a trainer in the beginning later center-in-charge responsibilities also added in the list. This gave me an opportunity to learn about reporting and documentation of work at center level, later due to some issues even the Assistant project manager resigned and now the whole roles and responsibilities are on my shoulder. Now my team has a trainer and sign language interpreter and newly appointed project executive. This is very hard to manage all logistics, training, documentation, mobilization of youth, placements, employer networking, counseling both youth and their parents when it’s needed. But I experienced that we can learn more from accepting and facing the challenges, this has worked very well with me. I’m so short tempered, very bad in anger management, less patient, and not so committed to work. When I’m going through tough time and very challenging situation, I actually got an opportunity to unlearn and learn about many things which had impact on both personal and professional growth and development.

Now I’m so confident to take class in Indian sign language for youth with hearing and speech impaired, conduct meetings for mobilization and parent counseling sessions, arranging and identifying an employer who can recruit our youth and convince them, on time reporting of work, conflict solving capacity, and overall management of work and relationship with colleagues etc. more importantly I learned how to work smartly without straining myself. All these learning were possible may be because I opened myself to problems, and challenges.



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