Flying Like A Bird

In my childhood when we used to play with my friends in the ground, if we saw a flight in the sky we used to make noise and follow it. As I grew up I stopped running but I do it in my heart through eyes. Early morning on 22nd May I got up around 2:30 AM to get ready to take a cab, and for the first time I got to a airport, took a boarding pass, while waiting at Costa coffee shop I completed writing my pending blog, later security check in and finally on the way to board into flight from Delhi to Leh. Me and other four co-fellows were in the race in the airport to catch it since the final announcement was done, while walking I saw a hostess welcoming us as I entered into flight. Unexpectedly I got window seat, sat there, wore seat belt, looked out from window and clicked self and nearby flight to send to my parents.

I heard from others that take off is very scary, it caused tension in my head but actually speaking I was not scared. Flight took off and the beautiful view of places, mountains, water body etc. reminded me of the satellite views both zoom in and zoom out. I had a good breakfast, while peeping out from window I saw white mountains (Himalaya’s) they were very beautiful which I had seen only in wall posters and in movies. I was actually flying and I never ever thought that I will get into flight but India Fellow made it happen for my travel workshop.

We reached Leh in just an hour, in flight they announced weather as 10-degree Celsius. I covered myself in a sweat shirt went into the residency in Leh. I almost slept full day, then my body and mind started adapting to this environment. I clicked few photographs from flight and at the residency and send them to my parents and close friends – they are so happy even more than me. Life …


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