Naari Jutaan

On the 25th of January this year we had a huge event called the Naari Jutaan. This is basically an event dedicated to women and this is held in Parivartan every year. What this event is basically about is that it is for all the women and females in the community who gather in Parivartan and there are a lot of events that every single vertical arranges for them. The education team puts up exhibitions on art and science showcasing what the kids who come Parivartan do and especially the kind of work that the girls do. There are interactive things for the females who come for the event such is a doodling corner where they can let their imagination go free and draw whatever they wish to. Then we had some fun and games for them that were organized by the magic bus team. There was a stall that the agriculture vertical at Parivartan had put up where we were giving information to women about anything that they wanted to know that was related to agriculture and agricultural practices.

Along with all this the theatre team in collaboration with the Mahila Samakhya team (they work on women’s issues in Parivartan) and some government schools had arranged a cultural program where there were songs, dances, puppet shows, street plays and many such activities that were all women centric. There were about 1200 women who came to Parivartan from the different villages where we work and not only did they enjoy and have fun the whole day they had a lot of learning as well. They were told and made aware about their rights and also about their position in society. They were informed about the whole idea of women empowerment and how important it is for a woman to be empowered and how she can be empowered in more than one way.

This event was a huge success and there was a lot that I learned in terms of women empowerment because this was an issue I did not have much knowledge about. I am glad that I was a part of this.


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