कथा शिविर

This was the first big event of the calendar year that we had at Parivartan. This event was a one week gathering of 14 established writers from different parts of the country who would be staying at our campus. The idea of this gathering was that the authors will go to a handful of villages where we work and would find a person or some element of that village which they would spend time researching about and then write a story about what they saw in the village where they went.

My role in this event was that I was supposed to look after their travel in the villages and be there for any kind of assistance that the guests would need. This was great for me because this was something in my comfort zone and this was something that I had been doing for some time; having said that I had a very different kind of experience in the field that I had not had in the kind of work that I usually do because I was going with a different agenda and a different point of view.

The things that were easy for me were things like arranging transport to take the guests around. Talking to people in the community and giving them prior information about the fact that these people will be coming to their houses to talk to them and what was the reason as to why they wanted to come. Taking the authors in the villages and showing them around was also by job and while I was doing this I was getting a lot of opportunities to interact with them and learn about their experiences and share my experiences with them. There were many times when we would have really deep conversations about many things and these conversations were more of a learning experience rather than taking them to a village.

I was very glad to be a part of something like this in Parivartan because things like this are a once in a life time experience and I was lucky to have had this opportunity. I will conclude by saying that the one week that I spent with the authors was a week I will not forget in a long time.


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