Relentless Joy

That coloured balloon hit me in a blaze. I turned back and found a teenager staring at me with a winning smile, any other day I would have wiped that smile off his face, but this day was special, “Bura naa maano … Holi Hai!!! , so that’s why all can be forgiven, except not enjoying on this day and that too in this precious location of Vrindavan.

It was a rain of colors, people jettisoning showers of colors, hugging each-other, sharing joy and happiness. No-body was hesitating, neither anyone was stopping, colors were flying in the air and it was pulchritudinous to watch. Fresh “Mithaiyaan” were being prepared on sweet shops. Rhythms of “Dhols” were continuously enticing and money was being offered to Dhol beaters to tempt the people to dance.

Dancing is so much fun and I was reliving those moment on the beats of Dhol. I was hopping and continuously hurling colors on others. Failed efforts of hiding and protecting me from colors, coming from other side, were disorienting my gait. At the same time, I was beggaring for colors after exhausting my stock and sometime bargained my deal by letting them to color me. My eyes, full of colors sometimes blocking my sight but there was no control on my madness and I was moving forward. I was feeling unshackled. For me, It was like a liberation from all the boundation and fetters of life. Thanks to my friends who kept the necessary ones around me.

I had planned to utmost enjoy that day by doing every possible thing which gives the festival unique feature, so I was all going with the rhythm of the environment without thinking anything. I, for the first time had “Bhang” which was another comic instance of my life as I had never experienced worsening ataxia of any substance. Ever since my childhood, I had heard number of stories about the celebration of this colorful festival at Krishna’s place. I have read stories of lord Krishna and his Gopiyaans who used to play with colors and have done “Leela” here and so mythologically this place has its own value. Because of the uniqueness of the place, I always had tremendous urge to visit.

That infringed environment offers relief and solace to the heart and mind; It helps to exhale all the negativity from the heart. The environment makes me realize that sharing love and affection is the true essence of life that I found over there. If the ingredients of that one day gets percolated to whole year and then to whole life then only I can imagine, what will be the life of us living in it. There will be no redundant restrictions; we will be able to share all our colors of life.


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