Why Numbers Matter

I understood, that NGOs run after numbers and targets. For an NGO in vocational training, its about number of students trained. Now the question is whats the point in reaching large numbers if there is a compromise in the quality of training. Having discussed this question with some of my friends, my opinion (that NGOs simply run after numbers & targets without bothering the actual impact to an individual in need) kept on becoming strong until I heard the below example from one of my seniors.

“There are five people in-front of you dying with hunger and you have a plate full of food that can fulfill only two. What will you do? You have two options:
1. Feed two people fully and let the other three die.
2. Feed five people with little food and let all live for one more day.”

After giving a serious thought I said that I will go for option 2 but couldn’t give any logical explanation for the choice. Here comes the explanation from the senior “Choosing option two you are giving all the five people a chance to live for one more day and all of them will have minimum energy to go, work and get food. Hope that at least one of them does. Seeing him others will also get inspired to earn food. This way the lives of all the five can be saved.” Seems too ideal, but why not?

I could easily relate the above example with NGOs running after numbers. Could you?


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