Reflect: What & How?

The word “reflect” is often heard during the fellowship. The interpretation of this word may be different to every individual. Also I think if one reflects by writing, one may reflect by discussing with one’s mentor/friend, or by simply sitting quite and thinking.

The dictionary says ‘reflect’ is to think deeply or carefully about.

A person can be said to be reflecting when she/he gets out of the loop of daily routine, take a pause and try to understand or analyze one’s experiences with oneself and the outside material world. Its like imagining ones physical body as a mirror which shows the things happened to or things which are involved/experienced by an individual as it is without any changes. And the images of this mirror are observed and given a thought by oneself. During thinking one has to keep asking questions and tries to find answers. If the questions are not answered, one would at least have an opinion at the end.

Reflection not only makes an individual to precieve the world in a better way, it also helps for self development.

Suppose if you have yelled at an associate with rage for some reason. By reflecting you would realize that there was actually nothing to shout and you could have just talked. Without reflecting what else would you do except shouting if the similar situation occurs –
writing a short note on a particular situation or event and thinking about the better way of dealing with it (as said in above example) is also a kind of reflection.


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