My New Identity

I am the youngest in my family. I had no worries about anything in my life. I was always away from planning of functions or any responsibility regarding my family. I was there to enjoy everything. Whether it was a function, or a dinner at home, or things to be done for a festival, I got to have my cake and eat it too. After being an LDC manager, I was like a head of the family. I had to make every single decision from smallest to biggest things regarding the LDC. This new responsibility challenged me to explore various aspects of my behavior every day.

One fine day, we all got tired from distributing leaflets in peak summer and decided to carry out some new mobilization activity. This new mobilization activity consists of setting up a canopy in crowded areas. I was concerned about the increasing temperature and how are we going to continue this activity all day long. So I brought glucose, bananas and water for the team. We reached the place and assembled the canopy. After an hour everyone was tired and thirsty. Everyone was pleasantly surprised on seeing the goodies I had brought for all of us. I was appreciated for my planning, preparation and foresight.

Everyday has become like that. I have to make sure that things are done on time. I need to plan the activities and carry all the necessary things. At the same time I have to manage all the resources at LDC like water, tea, maid, electricity. It made me to empathise with my mother a lot. It made me appreciate the careful planning and execution she has been doing all these years, never letting me realize what a huge responsibility it is to run a household.


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