Lokshakti Express

On fine evening I was travelling from Bandra to Virar in Lokshakti Express. Two of friends were in general compartment but I entered into sleeper class having confidence to manage with T.C.

I have noticed a young man (let him be X), shifting from side lower seat to side upper by removing his shoes. Meanwhile an elderly man (E) caught my attention. E is making other passengers to sit by requesting the ticket-reserved people to adjust. For a few minutes, I was influenced by his deeds and he appeared as a real human  for me.

E was continuously saying (may be scolding) something to a man in Marathi. The man was standing pale faced and was mute, anyone who see the situation will assume (so did I) that the man has done something wrong and Mr.E is pointing it. After a while, E proudly says to one of his friends “Me ne do Virar logon ko yaha se general boge ko bazdeya vo vapas nahi ayega hahaha”. After an  hours travel, the train kept slowing down as it neared Virar and the passengers are getting down pushing each other forcefully (which is pretty normal in Mumbai trains). Meanwhile X started getting down slowly from the side upper berth.

E to X : “Virar utarne vale kya”

X: No reaction as if unheard

E: (Raising his voice)“ Virar Utarna hai”

X: Searching his shoes under the seat, just nodded his head

E: (As if a robber is running away, shouted) ”Virar vala bagh raha hi pakado usko”

X: Did not seem to care just trying to wear his shoes near the door to get down.

Suddenly someone (V) came from inside the train like a flash, got hold the collar of X, pulled inside gave a slap on X’s face. X was totally confused and tried to say something but V gave one more slap and pulled X among the crowd inside. My hero E is just watching in silence. I could see someone holding the back of X’s shirt to prevent him from running away. Meanwhile the train started leaving the platform and I could hear X saying “Bahi muge chodo, mein kya galat kiya, train jar aha hai, please…”

I was in a helpless state, as I have to get down immediately before the train accelerates.

Why did E shout?

Why did rest of passengers kept silent while a man is being beaten without reason?

Why couldn’t I help him, Why? Why? Why?…


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