Like ‘A’ Boss

Different bosses react in different ways for a particular scenario. This write up is about the reactions of bosses that I have come across so far.

You have made a mistake and you accepted it

A: “How could you do such a silly mistake, I never expected it from you”

B: “I appreciate you for accepting your mistake, when will you be able to rectify it?”

You approach the for some clarification in work

A: “You don’t know about it. I don’t think your are fit for the job”

B: “I will tell Satish (an Associate) to help you on it. You can get back to me if you still have any confusions”

You ask for a feedback of your work

A: “You are not doing this, not doing that. I don’t understand your problem”

B: “You are good at x, y, z the only thing is you need to work on your p, q, r”

You are pushing yourself to learn more and to take bigger responsibilities

A: Feels insecure and worried that one day you may occupy his/her chair. Discourages you by all means

B: Helps you in learning fast i.e. supports you to learn things in a year which she/he learnt in five years. (B will always look for people who can do his/her work so that things keeps moving in their absence)

There is a tough problem to handle

A: “Oh!  We are in big trouble, you need to work very hard to overcome this problem”

B:  “No worries, we shall face it as team. If you have any idea, feel free to share it”

When the boss pointed you for someone’s mistake and realized later

A: “It’s your mistake, I have told you may times not to argue with me”

B: “I am sorry. I take my words back”

In a meeting

A: Tries to dominate. Hardly lets you to share your thoughts.

B: Respects and treats you as an equal. Encourages to share your views

During Lunch

A: Eats only with people equal to his/her designation

B: Eats with the team and other friends

Now given a choice would you prefer to work for A or B. I am sure most of you will go for A but  will you be able to become a boss like A?


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