Finding My Older Twin

Last week when I was at my native place visiting my kin and kith, I met a wonderful woman. I could relate to everything that she was talking, doing and also aspiring for. It’s not that I have never met her before. In fact I was with her whole of my life. But, somehow most of the times never agreed to her when she talked about life in general. Yes, this is about my mom. I always love her, never want to hurt her and I admire her as always.

As I grew up, I think there was a gap that also grew. I thought she was trying to control my dreams, but now I know she was trying to be practical and was thinking everything from the society’s point of view. Now, that I have grown up a bit more, I understand her more and she is also ready to share her crazy ideas and things that she wants to do. And I found lots of similarities in our thinking and outlook towards life.

I love adventure sports, she also used to love it at my age (still does but, there are limits due to health issues). The only difference between us is the fact that I have the opportunities and support to do them which she didn’t. She wanted to build her career as per her plans and I want to do the same. She makes sure she gives us the best she can in terms of every need of ours and somehow I think I will also be like her. And when I started staying with my friends in Mumbai, I found my interest to cook and also the love to learn new recipes. And mom does the same. I found that mom had a book to write down recipes which were new to her. Her recent plan surprised me more than anything else; she wanted to go on a road trip across the country. Though I am not sure how feasible that is going to be; considering her health, I would love to take her on a road trip with me as I love the idea. And now I know that she would be the best company for the same.

So, it was a very nice time at home with family. But, the most important thing was that I found someone similar to me. I literally found older version of me. And now, I don’t have to worry if I will be able to do to do what I like in future. I am sure I will do that. I am confident because she made me realize what I am and what will make me happy.


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