Do We Need Skill Development?

We are learning something new in every stage of our life. In today’s world knowing is owning. When I want to buy a phone, I will look for what features I want, best prize and source to get it. We are continuously acquiring knowledge. Educational Institutions help develop skills like reading, writing, analyzing, interpreting the world.

It has lost its meaning and it has become a place to show you know everything. It has become a race to achieve glorified carriers like MBA, doctor, Engineer. We are more divided by these careers than religion. School is the turning point which decides what we will be. But some of us don’t get that opportunity. Students drop out from certain levels of educational institutions because of financial instability, lack of interest and poor understanding. Most of them opt for careers in repair and maintenance, hospitality, operating industrial equipments. They get a sustainable livelihood very easily at young age. We have lots of government and non-government projects and institution working for skill development. They are contributing to skill development and capacity building of millions of people every year and provide them find employment by ensuring their placements.

Despite the rosy picture bring presented by such programmes, if you ask anyone who has worked in the skill development sector, they’ll tell you how much of it is about projecting good numbers. Just like MBA colleges have to answer about number of students being placed, skill development sector also works just like that.  If we have millions of skilled people every year why I am not able to find a good plumber in my locality? Even skill development has become race among people. It has been polluted same as our educational system. It has become a business run for profit not to skill people. People are behind the degrees or certificates they get from such programs.

During mid point we all had been asked that what job we can get if we put our degrees aside. That moment I realized that I am good for nothing. If I put my engineering degree a side what I can do? Nothing. Least of all I can be a maid. Even that needs an experience. I don’t know do we need schools or skill development programs but I do know that we need knowledge not a degree to prove it.


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