The Ten Commandments of India Fellow – By Lopa and Shruti

  1. It’s a state of mind: Thou shall understand when something becomes too complex to put in words; it’s called a state of mind. This includes anything from poverty to privacy.
  1. Collective action: Thou shall think about fellow beings and act as a cohesive group. Theoretically learnt in induction but a phrase you get to hear whenever the cohort doesn’t act in a cohesive manner.
  1. Empathy (and empathy fatigue): Thou shall be empathetic towards Fellows and all the stakeholders which includes community, host organization etc. You are not a fellow if you have not shown empathy and suffered from empathy fatigue.
  1. When push comes to shove (which it usually does): Thou shall respond before you have pushed the coordinator to react. This phrase, very frequently used by the coordinator is a state when someone like Dumbledore is disappointed with Harry Potter.
  1. The point I am trying to drive home: Thou shall keep your eyes and ears open during trainings – doesn’t matter if you sleep at 10 or 4 AM. It’s the phrase used during trainings by the coordinator – when the class is acting dumb
  1. Threatening mails with details: Thou shall read carefully these mails and adhere to the criteria set. These include details about deliverables to be achieved to attend the next training, which includes number of blogs, updating the virtual learning sheets in Google drive etc.
  1. It’s a goodie goodie group: Thou shall be participatory in discussions and be open to feedback. Because a group that fights together, stays together
  1. Adult to adult relationship: Thou shall act your age and not let the coordinator be the only adult during the trainings
  1. K: Thou shall understand that K here is not the 11th letter of the English alphabet or Potassium, but is the passive-aggressive reaction to Okay or OK.
  1. Life is hard and then you die: Thou shall not stick to mediocrity and work hard in every circumstance. If you can’t work hard, then it’s ok,  life is hard and you’ll die.

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