A Weekend Trip

On 9th April 2016 I went along with my co-fellows to a wonderland, most beautiful and peaceful place in Maharashtra. It is almost 180-220 km away from Borivali, less crowed, very clean, safe place; it’s named as Adgaon beach. I saw two skies meeting, blue and very cool in a hot and sunny day. After long and little irritated (with group of idiots) journey, the view of sea and sky meeting, cool breeze, high waves, clean and salt water, Indian flag in the boats, fisher man putting nets for fishes, necked and half necked kids playing outside, fish smell washed away all my tiredness, irritation, low mood and instead I got excited and energetic suddenly. We all went to sea shore, got wet, played, rolled in the sand. It was so mesmerizing and amazing experience. For the first time I traveled in a boat (In fact my childhood dream), we all sat in front near the driver. I can feel the waves as they hit moving boat, the water drops made me to forget my age; I became so excited like a child. The driver gave me a chance to ride the boat, and I did it.

Sea food, stay at sea facing house, sleeping at the sea shore (when I open my eyes I could see only stars and crescent moon, waves sound) and serious discussions about the host organizations and What’s Next?. I forgot everything during those 24 hrs stay in adgaon, nothing seems to be important except myself. I love to sleep and whatever happens I will try to sleep for minimum 8 hrs. But that day I woke up at 6 AM without my alarm snoozing for many times. It was relatively silent I can actually listen to my heartbeat and feel my breath. Sunrise, increase of tides, fisherman back to home, it was really beautiful and I wish to be a writer to describe the beauty which my heart saw that particular day. I personally feel that it’s a place where everyone has to go at least once in their life time to spend with them.



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