The Nest

I live in a 1BHK flat with two of my colleagues.  We mostly use the hall for all the purposes like sleeping, eating, etc. and  the room (which is supposed to be a bedroom) became a store  room with clothes, bags, old newspapers, etc. We generally clean the hall but we never  touch this room. It  is so neglected  that the fused off light was never replaced past four months. It’s a gloomy store room.

In the meantime, this room which we least bothered about, was selected by two sparrows to build their nest at one of the top corners of the roof. The room got even messier with small twigs, dry grass and bird poops that spread all over the floor. None of us ever disturbed these birds and we are always concerned about these innocent creatures getting hurt by the fan (in the hall) when they fly. Days passed and one fine day we decided to clean this  room. While  I was cleaning the floor, my friends started shifting the nest. We were very clear to put the nest carefully on the window grill and close the window so that the birds can continue staying there. While my friend was trying to remove the nest carefully, I noticed the two birds flying away. We found four small eggs inside the nest.  With no  intention of harming the birds or the eggs, I carefully kept the nest in a open ended cardboard box and placed it on the window grill .


After cleaning,  the white tiles of the room shone like pearls. Meanwhile, the birds returned back and started searching for the nest in the same place where they build it. To my astonishment, they are sitting few inches above the nest on the grill but they did not go inside it. I left the room expecting the birds to recognise the nest. After few hours, the eggs were found broken and the birds disappeared. Seeing this, I felt sinful. I was confused and could not understand the situation. I waited for the birds to return but they never did. Having known the hard work that birds put to build their nest, I could not imagine the birds being homeless with broken eggs.

While I was regretting  the bad Karma I have done, I remembered a few sentences on Karma “If your intentions are good and  the outcome is bad still it is a good Karma. If your intentions are bad and  the outcome is good still it is a bad Karma. Good or bad karma is based on your intentions but not on the outcome.”


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