A Workshop We Will Go

# 24 co-fellows.
# 3 amazing mentors.
# 2 more days to go.
# 1 destination.
# Tick-tock-tick-tock.
# Well, people are losing their mind. 

Our alumni have clearly raised our hopes for this workshop by saying that we will learn about the ecosystem holistically, understand the issues more deeply and will learn how to empathize passionately. Well, all what i can vouch for now is everyone from my cohort is waiting to meet each other at the airport early morning. I just cant wait to hear the flamboyant scream we all shall make while hugging each other. 

The other thing is, there are a lot many fellows like me who have not been to Ladakh before and no matter if it has been 10 months in this fellowship, there will always lie a child in each one of us, a child who have always craved for travelling to exotic places. And this workshop is going to be a milestone in their lives.

We all share all those hectic yet happy feeling from our lives with each other through whatsapp, either on personal or group chat. Hence…

+Summary of behind the scene’s crazy love on WhatsApp+

* Fund-raising was not an easy task at all. No matter how much Karan-Arjun love a group possess, when there is Amrish Puri and his money, you have gotta give the agni-pariksha. And that is exactly what we did. (and we are still on that agni-pariksha phase)

* Like I said before in my previous blog, BLOGS ARE MANDATORY. So yes, for some of us, we are having a hard time to cope up with it. And there is one darling human in our whatsapp group who keep on reminding us, in the most loving manner, to complete them, so that we can come to the workshop aligned, alive and positive. 😀 

* One of our caring India fellow is reminding us to start working on our Acute Mountain Sickness. How good is that

* The other one is struggling to get days off from his workplace to attend this mandatory workshop.

* Some of the fellows who are living in 40-45 degrees are filled with euphoria that they will get to spend the rest of the summer month @ 7-8 degrees (or low, but totally worth it :P)

Last but not the least,

* One of our pretty India fellow just got married. A big fat wedding it was 😀 ‘Yayiiiiiii’.


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