GIRL – A Dreamer And A Doer

As a woman, I start with a real example for this real world. As women are those part of the society who are constantly torn between how they want themselves to be treated in the society and how they are treated. So it’s completely a fight between mind and heart. A heart works the way it wants to be and mind works the way as society wants it to be. A heart is not at all bounded by anything but a mind is influenced, pressurised and torn by a lot of things which makes it work the way people wants it to. It’s  hard to live with two identities in life. You carry one identity which you like and one which people like. It is hard to merge these two. Either you will end up hating yourself or people hating you. Are we really the women who can make the change or we the one who moves as other wants us to move? Are we the puppets of this crazy show called life? I don’t know … Are we the one who need to be treated as the way we are treated?

But… there is always a brighter side!
Ways ways there are a lot of ways, one day you will see everybody says!
These girls are something else when you call them somebody else!
Highly innovative world of power, I would say there is less of an hour!
Strategically we are on the verge of fire, Let’s see how many people we can hire!


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