Learning Some Native Words

In last six years I have been travelling to different parts of Maharashtra which has influenced my Marathi. I have gotten so far from my roots, my native language. When I have been to new places I have always felt an outsider. But Aurangabad never gave me that feeling. In first two months I felt like I belong here. It was same as Latur for me. The best part is the language. I love Marathi. Maharashtra is an India in its self. You will hear different Marathi in different parts of Maharashtra. If you travel from east to west the language will change – its tone from strong to soft then harsh.

Aurangabad taught me some native words and I heard of these words but never used them. I would like to share them with you all.

  1. Kai rao, kas kai? This is the normal way to say good morning. Good morning means suprabhat but this is friendlier to us.
  1. Bavlat If you are just learning Marathi you must know this word. This means the highest level of stupidity.
  1. Tukar This is the adjective for boys those have nothing to do and exploring the life by sitting in front of colleges, schools when even none of them been to one. It is same as vela word in Punjabi.
  1. Tarmale An adjective to your girl best friend in any argument where you want her to shut up.
  1. Narsalya This can be used to those boys who are very arrogant and never understand what you are saying. Best example your big brother.
  1. Yad bi lagla ki kai? It literally means Are you crazy but you can use this word when you want to say shut the f#*k up and even when your friend is actually crazy about someone. We are so confused one phrase to explain anger and love both.
  1. Zingaat The word is used when you want to tease someone who is in relationship or love. This is the most famous Marathi word now days. There is song from the Movie Sairat which got so much famous. I recommend you to listen to this song as well as watch the movie.
  1. Lai Bhari! Marvelous, Fantastic, excellent, very good, speech less, outstanding, out of the world, bravo and at all but to praise someone we need only one word Lai Bhari. We don’t complicate things a lot.
  1. All the Marathi slangs Yes. Every language has its own slang and Marathi is language is very strong. Even sometimes asking how you are sounds like you are scolding someone. I can’t tell you slang over here, I have a fake image to maintain. But all my co-fellows wait for 7 more days and this time in Ladakh, I will be teaching you all the Marathi slang. I can’t wait to see you all.

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