First Time Experiences

India Fellow – Discover your journey. When I was applying for this I thought how could I discover my journey in a year? When I failed to do it since past 24 years but still I got into India Fellow commune to figure it. My childhood and past life had very intense impact on me, I do things but I doubt myself. I missed play grounds, cartoon networks, toys, tours and trips, friends etc, all I remember is my complete past life was with my brother, home and in farms. I never moved out of my state, I traveled to different places within the state for accommodation and education. Keeping all these aside I’m more privileged child to get better education and support from family, that made me what I’m right now. I have lot of dreams like building nice independent house, travelling to most beautiful places for vacations, good job, and non-compromising life related to money. At the same time I have lot of inhibitions like not sharing myself with others, believing, mingling, traveling for some extent, not letting myself to process the ideas and writing also. Somehow I developed hatred for writing (it can be anything related to writing), it is also one inhibition.

In the Fellowship I’m experiencing whole lot of things most of them are first time, like making new friends in short time and I’m being special to them, regular visiting of co-fellows, backpacking for a week along with co-fellows, travelling in a boat, night outs with them, surprises, staying in a flat with other two interesting co-fellows, travelling in Mumbai locals (especially during office hours in Virar train), dating  Mumbai city which I hated in the beginning, experiments in the kitchen, learning Indian sign language and able to communicate with hearing and speech impaired, excited about travel workshop in Ladakh and travelling by Air and many more.

Though the blog writing is compulsory in Fellowship, because of my inhibition to write and bit of laziness I didn’t reflect much in blogs. In my first blog I said “I will be the change” so, here I want to break my inhibition to write.


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