Battle Of Values

May be I am not the right person to judge values and ethics of others, possible after reading this blog your comments & suggestion enlighten me more. In present era when we are talking about unity of India and hear things like Startup India, Made in India programs. Some peoples are still stuck on the regional dilemma. Which somehow disturbed and push me to think about the same. Why people are desperately tied to their region as compared to nation. It is not limited at villages but also spread at taluka, and district level. This is not it. We can see this regional affiliation in state disputes too. They are giving importance to their particular regions and work for its development only. Either without caring or ignoring nearby areas.

During my last 10 months in fellowship specially in Maharashtra I often hear these words;  जय महाराष्ट्रा, आम्ची मुंबई. Which so far shows their mentality curtained with regional values.

Few days back, I was involved in same conversation in office with my colleagues, not intentionally but accidentally. Local people don’t accept outsiders, if they show they have accepted than also it reflects in their conversation. They somehow try to show how great we and our region is at some point even they do not hesitate to neglect existence of other regions and more over specifically neglect Indian nationality existence.

We were discussing about something very healthy and smooth conversation was going on. But when conversation come to regions I said in north India there is no issue of language and even we are open for all and very flexible about acceptance and languages close to Hindi. When I said you guys are very focussed in your regions and started counter attacking me by saying what another states are having even I am after completing study in Madhya Pradesh. I had to come Maharashtra for fellowship program, don’t I have opportunity in my own state. I was suddenly stuck and though for a while. Seriously for a moment I was speechless and afterwards started defending myself and state or tried to be neutral.


One thought on “Battle Of Values

  1. There’s hardly anything strange about it. Social psychologists have conducted experiments in which they’ve simply divided people up randomly into two teams to perform various tasks and in no time you see in-group v/s out-group thinking start to show despite that the groups are completely arbitrary as well as temporary. So it doesn’t take much. Besides, one could easily turn the argument around – why stop at the nation? Why is nationalism good rather than globalism? That seems rather arbitrary to me. Also, remember that ‘Indian’ as a united identity is a pretty new concept. We’ve had about 70 years. The US has been united for well over 200 years and we still see states there arguing. The UK is struggling to hold itself together in the face of Scottish nationalism (after already losing Wales). Sudan has recently split up. Yugoslavia…died. Even families break apart often enough. Basically, unity is not some sort of natural state of being – it requires effort. Frankly, India just staying together is itself a huge triumph – literally none of the observers expected it at the time (with very good reason). It isn’t regionalism that should surprise you, but rather nationalism itself

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