Once At A Bus Stop!

Time: Night time, Place: Many places, Date: Long Back…current, and may be in the future too…

It was near a busy square. Despite a busy road, it was dark and shabby. I was waiting to board a bus for an overnight journey. It was populated by men, other women were accompanied by men too. I had booked a decent bus which turned out not to be so decent. But, I had to board it. My seat was at the end of the bus. It was going to be a bumpy ride. I had prepared myself for that, and was forced to prepare myself for this…

I was aware of the eyes staring at me since I was at the bus stop. I thought at least I will have a separate compartment seat in the bus. But, it turned out that those two guys who were giving me those strange looks time and again, came and sat adjacent to my seat. They were talking weirdly in a conspicuous manner or was it just in my brain, I asked myself! I felt so uncomfortable, I won’t be getting a good sleep and I had to be alert for an important training the next day. So, I exchanged my seat.

The result was contrary to what I had expected. The action made me more wary, uncomfortable and terribly insecure. Bus had crossed the city boundary by then. The view outside the window was dark, but the moon was beautiful. My head was beating and my heart was pounding. I asked myself why? Why is the world not fair? Why a girl had to suffer this? I felt being raped by a sheer glance without a single hand touching me. I did not want to create a scene. However, as I was a woman, the scene got created. I as a human being, I was feeling uncomfortable. I was asked several times why I was traveling alone in the night “then”. What does that “then” mean? They blamed me of throwing tantrums and giving those royal gestures. No I am not at fault! I was so damn uncomfortable and insecure. It was all because of you. I was traveling because I was saving my time and money like you do! I was asked why I choose the last seat in the bus, Why any sensible person will choose the last seat for such a long and bumpy ride? I had no choice don’t you understand? Did I know your bus will have that additional seat at the last alley! The questions were on me!? Night, alone, last seat, girl! Disgusting! Disgusting is the mentality that you have. Yes, there is gender bias-ness. Can’t you see? Can’t you help to improve it? Why can’t we make a fair world for a fairer sex too? Why are all questions on me…?…always?

Note: This is one of the experiences at the bus stop and I had a lot like this again and again! But my world won’t halt!


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