Government Departments: Loop of Information Asymmetry

From last week Sujit and I were working on his Goat farming business plan. He took training from one of the institute of govt. which assured to provide loan from Canara bank with subsidy to start his goat farm. They guided him to ask from Panchayat Samiti for further procedure to apply for loan, he went there and inquired about the same, got another link from there, to go to Khadi Gram Udyog office of Maharashtra situated at Mumbai – Pune highway. This time I also went with him, to know exact situation and what another benefits we can get for Vigyan Ashram’s alumni students. There we meet with Mr. Ashok Lade (Head) to discuss about Sujit’s business idea. And I introduce myself as working with NGO, they got hyper after hearing that I am from NGO and just started giving me their experience about how NGO work. At that time I defended my work and got out of this conversation and moved to Sujit. We ask them about how they can help Sujit for his Goat farm. They straight forwardly denied for any business related to meat including goats, poultry, fish etc. But although they provide training in same.

I asked them reason for same, first they replied me it is Govt. rule and then told me because this Khadi Gram Udhyog founded by Mahatma Gandhi and they were against all these that’s why this department don’t support this kind of businesses. I don’t want to do any debate further more on this topic so I pleasantly ask if they can guide us from where we can get assistance for Sujit’s business. They gave us a link of another Govt. department deals specifically for goat and sheep farming in Maharashtra located at Patrakar Nagar near to Chatushrugi Temple on Senapati Bapat road.

20160426_152023We reached at goat and sheep farming department and meet with a lady. I introduced Sujit first, this time due to prior experience and sit quietly and that lady started questioning to Sujit, and finally said we just provide training in goat and sheep farming, don’t provide and financial support. And told that we should go to Panchayat Samiti and fill application over there. I laughed inside, and asked for her name in same tone, she replied with some anger and said my name is not your concern. And told whatever I knew, I have told to Sujit, why you are interrupting in all these. This time I controlled myself and decided to let her be. We leave her office without knowing her name. I asked lots of question about procedures and formalities of policy to get support for enterprise development, even I am working in same field from last 8 months and not too much aware about it, how can we imagine either Sujit or his kind of rural based individuals can cope up with this system. With this kind of replies of Govt. officials we can’t achieve target of Startup India and similar projects … there is need of change.


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