Fund Raising: Good Way To Know Your Worth

India fellowship is such a journey of not only discovery of yourself but also to get a glimpse of your value and worth among other. Although money is one of the parameters which you can easily use to know it. Something similar is happening with me. In last six month during fellowship, working with Vigyan Ashram I interacted many peoples who were strange for me. I told them about my motto and fellowship values. Most of them appreciated some of them contributed, few donated and one or two criticized my journey.

This was one of the experience I never had, and enjoying having it now. I was quite surprised of myself for having a donation just after making a conversation about my working area and journey so far for 10 to 15 minutes only. Although during this I also realize I talked to those friends, teachers, relatives too for donation to whom I did not make conversation for long time in past. Yes I know that looks quite selfish – even I got to hear that only for the sake of money I called them these days. But is it was really true? there was something, which this fund collection activity wants to teach us. It is about how you deal with your relations in routine or with which motto you carry them for long life.


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