A Trip Down Memory Lane…

The last twenty five years of my life, I have led a very sheltered, protected and predictable life. In hindsight I feel I have led a very boring life. Most decision and choices have been predictable. My parents have never forced me into doing something I despise, except forcing me to do my masters. I was never the academic type and an M.B.A was the last thing in the universe I would have liked doing. It is not right to blame them completely, as post my graduation was I just lazing around with no fixed future plans.

As predictable as it can get, I completed my Masters and landed up in job which covered all my expenses and I could also save some money for a rainy day. Apart from my pay check there was nothing else that attracted me towards the job. My work place was everything a social enterprise should not be. My existence was limited to being a number in the dashboard of various profit centers in the organization. The more flowery my funding proposals got, it lost its touch with the ground reality, but that was what I was expected to do in the guise of Business Development. Towards, the end of the year long stints the organization  did the work of dementor in my life. For people who are not Harry Potter Fans (A Dementor is a non-being and dark creature, considered one of the foulest to inhabit the world. Dementors feed upon human happiness, and thus cause depression and despair to anyone near them.) One fine day I made up mind to quit this thankless job. On advice of my colleagues I updated my profile on various Job Searching portals. The stars were all aligned I guess as the first invite I got was from India Fellows. It seemed like the perfect thing for me. I did  not want to give up on this sector owing to one bad experience and I also needed some time to think and reflect on my next course of action.

It was the first time in my life I had decided to do something without anyone else giving unsolicited advice on the same. The memories of my assessment day are still fresh. Never had I thought, exactly after a year I will be in one of the panels taking personal interviews and observing the candidates through out the various activities during the assessment day. Definitely it was nostalgic; each one of them reminded me of someone from my assessment day.  There was a this boy who reminded me of Surya who displayed the same composure throughout the day, the feisty fresher straight out of college was so Subho, the boy who disliked his current job was definitely me, the most common tribe of engineers who no longer wanted do anything remotely close to engineering were also present. To sum it up it was a  hectic day but I did not realize how time passed and this only happens when I like what I am doing.

It  is an amazing feeling when you see others deciding to take the plunge, as the toughest part of the journey is realizing you are worthy of the trip. As for me, I am a much happier person than I was one year back, with a bag full of amazing experience, with wonderful people leading a life which is anything but predictable.


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