When The World Seems Bleak…

I look at a group of girls surrounding me. Among them, stands the apparent gang leader. She is shouting at me. All others in the group, including one of my alleged friends, stand there silently, listening. I cry incessantly. I know it’s not my mistake, still I don’t say anything. This was my high school. I used to return from the school each day crying in my van. I hardly had any friends. I was so naïve. My parents recognized the problem. I went to a counselor. And I became fine.

The above memory of mindless bullying was blocked by me a long time ago. The person I am now can stand up for myself, is not naïve and won’t get hurt easily. That was what I thought until yesterday. The tormenting memory was opened up. The slideshow of images of high school is again fresh in my mind. I feel bullied. Something happened which has made me lose trust and respect for something I held close to my heart and revered. I used to see the world through rose-tinted glasses. Everyone told me I am naïve. I disagreed. Maybe they were right. It’s hard to see clearly when all of what you believed about the world is proved false. I am deeply hurt by the lack of empathy that exists here. There is no reason to care for something that doesn’t care for you.

A ray of hope is all I need!


2 thoughts on “When The World Seems Bleak…

  1. Empathy unfortunately is not a trade … it is more like love; it cannot be given if and only if received. So before beginning to giving up empathizing; a good idea is to pause and think.

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