Life Of A Fellow

I know very well that this is one of the tags of the IF blog. I have chosen the title for a specific reason. The reason is what I will talk about in this post.

Being a fellow there have been many changes that I have seen in my life over the past 9 months. I will not talk about the usual stuff like how I discovered myself and my journey and how my passions have been realized because – these things are clichéd as far as I am concerned. This does not mean to say that I have not experienced these changes but along with that there are many other changes in me that I have experienced. I feel that understanding and looking at these other changes is also equally important because even these small changes can turn out to play a very crucial part in one’s life and this I can say from first hand experience.

As far as understanding the rural scenario in India goes I had a pretty good idea of what it was thanks to my parents who have been working in this field for quite some time and with them I have got to experience and learn a lot about it as a child and also while I have been growing up. This has not only helped me in growing up but has also provided me to a certain extent the direction I want to take my life in. One of the biggest advantages that I am thankful to have had is that of supportive parents who have been there for me while I have made important decisions. They never forced me to do the conventional stuff that most of the Indian parents want their kids to do. They agreed and permitted me to do whatever I wanted to do with my life as long I feel happy and the profession that I choose defines who I am and can make me successful.

Having done theatre, my prospects of getting into the conventional professions were anyways limited. Now getting the opportunity to do something like the India Fellowship; I feel that my life has found the professional direction that it was looking for. Having found it I now know what my life ahead will look like or at least I now have a fair idea of what it is going to be professionally. The changes that I was talking about earlier are the changes in my thought processes ideologies and viewpoints. Having spent nine months in the field and experiencing things and life from the grassroots I feel that I am much more changed person than what I was say a year ago.

A year ago I was really confused about what the motive of my life was and what I would want to do with it, what direction I was going to go in. This does not mean that my life is totally changed and I have achieved nirvana or something like that but it is true that I have got a lot more clarity in my life and this clarity has really helped me to understand and see the bigger picture of my life and I hope I can understand things better now and be happier and have a great life.


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