Bachpan Ke Din

If you love to go for a stroll in the morning, Udaipur is a ‘Walker’s Paradise’. Empty roads, a pond by the road, fellow walkers and fresh air- you can’t ask for more. What’s even better is here, I don’t have to think about which route to take dodge bulls and cows. On these early morning walks, I come across a few people, incidents which remind me of my ‘bachpan ke din’. These make me look eagerly towards the next morning.

I remember my mom dragging me to the park every morning when I was younger (and chubbier). She’d walk a little ahead and keep looking back to ensure that I don’t run back home. I see a similar pair of a mom and her daughter every morning. I see the same frustration on the daughter’s face which could have been seen on my face, during my mom’s early morning torture sessions. If only I could tell the daughter how much she’ll thank her mom later and miss these walks. I occasionally sight an elderly man, walking at his own pace, switching off the street lights around his house and putting wrappers and packets on one side using his stick. I am reminded of my grand father, who would also take care if any extra lights were on, if things were lying hither thither etc.

But if there’s one incident that I am sure a lot of us can relate to, it’s this: our landlady stays on the first floor and one can hear her daily struggles to get her two little ones ready for school in the morning. Among this daily commotion, one can hear the younger one yell – “mummy, ho gai!”. I laughed out loud the first time I heard it 😀

Here’s to our bachpan ke din! Would love to read comments about how the fellowship helped you experience ‘bachpan ke din’.


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